Expanding Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) in SinglePoint to include RMV’s EVR Full program

Beginning in November 2023, Boston Software will support the MA Registry of Motor Vehicle’s EVR Full program in SinglePoint software, marking continued overall growth of RMV capabilities in SinglePoint.

EVR Full enables larger independent agencies to provide full Registry services to their insureds at their agency location(s).  Specifically, this means EVR Full agencies will be able to issue metal plates, decals, and Registrations as well as process other transactions such as Duplicate Titles.  These transactions are processed through a secure online connection between the RMV’s ATLAS system and SinglePoint.


There are many benefits for an agency to offer EVR Full services to their customers:

  • Your agency is able to process many RMV transactions and provide metal plates, decals, and Registrations to customers when registering & titling a vehicle or transferring plates..
  • Processing an EVR transaction in SinglePoint is just like completing an RTA, but with a couple more steps (i.e. scanning the Title/Bill of Sale and emailing a payment link).
  • SinglePoint’s seamless integration with the ATLAS system eliminates mistakes and all the back & forth – why send your customer or a runner to the RMV branch when you can handle it yourself?
  • Your staff can get your insured’s new vehicle on the road within 20-40 minutes.
  • Your customers will truly appreciate this kind of superior customer service.

To  apply for EVR Full
Agencies wishing to participate in EVR Full must process 30 RTAs at minimum per month — this includes personal and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, campers and trailers — on behalf of their insureds.    They must also complete the RMV’s application process and be formally approved by the RMV.

Click here for more details about the application process.

A little history: Boston Software already supports the RMV’s EVR limited and EVR Lite programs.


The RMV upgraded their database platform from ALARS to ATLAS over 3 years ago, ushering in a new era of capabilities.  They recognize that MA agents are highly competent and professional.  They know that whenever an agent fills out an RTA, it is usually done right and thus they are trying to make it easier for agents to handle more transactions.  Because SinglePoint is used by the vast majority of MA agencies, it made sense for the RMV to partner with Boston Software to build this integration.

As a result, Boston Software and the RMV partnered to build a number of Registry features so that agents can quickly access them in SinglePoint. This includes EVR Limited, which enables agents to renew and reinstate Registrations that require insurance verification.  To date, MA agents have processed over 20,000 Reg renewals and reinstatements.  

In addition, approximately 100 MA agencies are currently activated for EVR Lite in SinglePoint, which enables agents to print temporary plates and Registrations. These agents have helped thousands of drivers get their vehicles on the road the same day.

More information
Look for more information in the coming weeks as we roll out EVR Full.  If you have any questions or would like to explore any EVR opportunities, just call or email us.