FAQs for agents considering EVR

It is kind of like applying for a mortgage. It is not very difficult, but you have to complete multiple steps, collect various documents, and sign contracts.

It is run by the RMV trainers over Zoom. It takes a day and half. The material is definitely pretty dry and the RMV covers a lot of information…so you may want to boil a pot of coffee. Boston Software will train you on the EVR Lite workflow in SinglePoint, which takes less than an hour and is part of the training on the second day.

It will take you a few transactions to get comfortable with EVR Lite, no doubt. Most agents (who are now doing EVR Lite) say you feel unsure of yourself for a few weeks, but then you start to “get it”. The good news is you will get a ton of support from the RMV and Boston Software teams, who can answer any questions and even be on the phone with you while you process your first transactions. And there is no mistake that can’t be cleaned up! Don’t worry about that.

Your agency will be assigned a compliance officer by the RMV. That may sound intimidating, but really they check on you to make sure you don’t have any questions or are having trouble with specific transactions. While you learn the ins and outs of the EVR Lite program, think of the RMV and Boston Software as your coaches. That is the role we will play. Everyone wants you to succeed and make life easier for drivers.

Not much. The fact is your agency probably creates a lot of RTAs for your customers and answers questions about registering and titling vehicles, right? So you are used to this kind of work. To process EVR transactions will just add a couple more steps. You will have to scan and collect the original documents i.e. Title and Bill of Sale. In addition, you will provide the temporary plate and sleeve and Registration once your insured has paid for the transaction.

A number of other agencies that started doing EVR Lite in 2022 say this has helped them, in fact, add to their book of business. It helps them differientiate them from other agencies and connect with customers in a different way?

No. As long as you have 2 employees who get trained to handle EVR Lite transactions, you are good.

You will need a high quality scanner (which you may already have). Because you are not storing metal plates or decals, you do not need any special cabinets or locks. You will need to designate which desktop computers can process EVR Lite transactions and keep them in a protected place in your office.

No, not really. You are supposed to process all eligible transactions through EVR Lite program. However, if your customer does not want to pay the fees or insists on going to the RMV branch, you stamp their RTA and let them go.

The RMV fees for each specific transaction is charged i.e fees for title, registration, sales tax, etc. Boston Software charges a $30 transaction to expedite, process, and secure these transactions. You should also be aware that when the customer uses a credit card to pay, the credit card company charges 2.99%.

Yes, you must hire a professional shredding service to destroy these documents 90 days after the transaction was completed. But don’t worry, SinglePoint tracks these transactions and will remind you to do this.