Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Renewals and Reinstatements in SinglePoint

A: Most plate types can be renewed — including personal and commercial — but there are some plate types that cannot. For a list, click here.

A: All plate types can be reinstated in SinglePoint

A: No.  You only need to enter the plate number on the SinglePoint dashboard and then it taps the RMV ATLAS system to see if the vehicle needs to be renewed or reinstated. 

A: The RMV knows they have trusted partners in MA agents.  For these Regs that need insurance verification, the RMV helped us create electronic stamps to make life easier for all parties. Basically, when you process Reg renewals or reinstatements through SinglePoint, you are telling ATLAS “Yes this vehicle is insured.” And the RMV trusts you.

A:  Once you look up the transaction in ATLAS and enter the carrier e-stamp, SinglePoint and ATLAS confirm everything and create a payment request link.  This automatically gets emailed to your insured.  The insured pays with credit card and boom, the vehicle is registered. Insured prints out a temporary Reg and can drive immediately.  The RMV mails the official one out in 3-5 days.

A: The RMV ATLAS system calculates the fees.  In addition, there is a 2.99% credit card fee and a $20.00 online expedite fee that your insured pays. 

A:  Payment link is active for 24 hours.  After that, agent must send a new payment request email.

A: You can send the payment link to your own email address, enter the agency’s cc information and collect payment, but you cannot enter your customer’s cc info.

A: As long as you have the carrier’s e-stamp in SinglePoint, you can verify insurance for those writing companies and process the transaction.

A: No, any agent or CSR with a SinglePoint log in can do it.

A: Up to 3 months before expiration.

A:  They do now!  We have enhanced the workflow to collect a plate type (only when necessary) to find your insured. 

A: Yes, the RMV mails the official Reg and the decals out to your insured after the renewal or reinstatement has been paid for. Your insured can drive immediately. If for some reason they are pulled over by a police officer, they can show the temporary Registration. In addition, if/when the officer looks up the Registration on ATLAS system, they will see that it is renewed/reinstated.