‘Get Ready’ for more efficient transactions at the RMV

A new service developed by Boston Software and the RMV promises to considerably improve the experience of visiting a Registry branch to register or title a vehicle. The new RMV Get Ready service removes many of the obstacles that can make doing business at the RMV frustrating.

The Get Ready service works a little bit like TSA Pre-check at the airport: review and approval of a new Registration and Title Application (RTA) occurs before the visit to the RMV. That’s right: no more walk of shame out to the parking lot, failed paperwork in hand. Get Ready electronically sends the RTA data from SinglePoint to the RMV, making sure your insured’s (or runner’s) visit to the RMV branch is as quick and painless as possible.

Here’s how it works: (View step-by-step screenshots)

  • Complete the new RTA in SinglePoint and apply the carrier eStamp
  • Click the Get Ready button in the top navigation
  • SinglePoint sends the RTA data instantly to the RMV ATLAS system
  • ATLAS will flag any missing or incorrect information
  • Once approved, the RTA will be returned in SinglePoint with a barcode in the top right corner
  • Print the approved RTA or email it to insureds
  • At the RMV branch, the barcode on the RTA is scanned
  • Approved RTAs will be given priority attention

Yes, you read that right: priority attention. It will happen behind the scenes, but the RMV has told us that Get Ready-approved RTAs will effectively be moved ahead of non pre-approved RTAs.

Get Ready will also speed the whole transaction at the counter because the RTA data has already been electronically submitted to the ATLAS system. No data entry is required by RMV staff. Insureds need only provide the required documentation (e.g. bill of sale) and make payment.

Transactions currently supported by Get Ready:

  • Register and Title a new vehicle
  • Transfer plate to a new vehicle
  • Apply for a Title only
  • Apply for a Registration only

The new Get Ready service provides benefits all around:

  • Your insureds can count on a frictionless experience at the RMV
  • As a result of the above, you’ll look like a hero
  • RMV staff will be able to process more transactions with fewer errors

Get Ready is not a panacea. It’s not fair to expect it to remove all the frustrations people feel about going to the RMV, but it is a solid improvement. And, what is extra cool is that we are actively working with the RMV to make further improvements.

We will provide you with more news as it happens.