Changes for SinglePoint’s RMV Get Ready processing of RTAs

The Registry of Motor Vehicles continues to modify and upgrade their Electronic Vehicle Registration system on their ATLAS platform. We won’t bore you with all the technical details, but it means that we had to make changes to SinglePoint’s Get Ready process in order to be simpatico with their EVR 2 system.

Recall that Get Ready allows agents to create an RTA and verify that the RTA (and required paperwork) are in order before insureds go to the RMV branch or mail all the paperwork into RMV service center. It’s a way of expediting the process and assuring that the transaction will not be rejected at the RMV.

Please be aware of the following, beginning Thursday September 3, 2020:

  • Agents can still create, print, email, and retrieve previously saved RTAs in SinglePoint as they normally have.
  • However, if agents want the transaction to be reviewed via Get Ready to make sure it will be accepted by the RMV, they will have to use SinglePoint’s RMV Service component.
  • Select RTA Prefill:
  • During this initial period as we cutover to the EVR2 system, agents will only be able to use Get Ready for the following 2 transactions: Register and Title a vehicle, and Transfer Plate to a new vehicle. This is for personally/individually owned vehicles only. Financed or Leased vehicles will be added next week.
  • Select your transaction and complete the required fields (denoted in red):
  • Click Prefill from RMV to gather/retrieve available data from ATLAS and initiate the Get Ready review.
  • If you wish to move all the data to the RTA form, click Skip to Form.