Helpful Tips when quoting Motorcycles & Trailers in SinglePoint

If/when your insured contacts you and needs a quote for a motorcycle or trailer, don’t panic. It’s basically like quoting a private passenger automobile. But there are some differences to be aware of.

First, not all carriers will rate this plate type.

Here are the carriers that write Motorcycles:

* For Arbella and Safeco, you have to quote motorcycles by themselves, not with any other vehicles. For all the other carriers, you can add a motorcycle to an Automobile quote.

Here are the carriers that write Trailers:

If you select a carrier that does not rate motorcycles or trailers, SinglePoint will display a warning that says “Trailer Rating Not Supported” or “Motorcycle Rating Not Supported.”

Second, some carriers have additional Driver Options/Coverages for motorcycles. We suggest that after you perform an RMV Lookup, be sure to enter proper Motorcyle information on the Driver Tab:

The # of CC’s and Price New are required on the Vehicle Tab:

Be sure to select Motorcycle Guest Coverage from the “Additional Coverages” section on the Coverages Tab:

Of course, if you run into any questions or concerns, call, email or Live Chat us. We’re happy to help!