Important changes to Hingham Mutual in SinglePoint

Hingham has made the decision to write MA Homeowners business with only two writing companies: Hingham and Danbury. This change is part of its 4/1/2019 rate change, which we have completed and updated in SinglePoint.

As a result, we have made these changes for you in your SinglePoint:

  • If your agency wrote with either New London County (NLC) and Thames, you will no longer have access to these plans in SinglePoint.
  • If your agency only wrote with NLC, we updated your account to add Hingham.

Note regarding Submitting to Hingham

  • If you have never submitted or bridged a New Business Application to Hingham via SinglePoint, you will need to enter your Hingham User ID, Password, and Agency Code in SinglePoint Settings first.  (Your previous NLC credentials are valid but must be entered under the Hingham section of SinglePoint Settings.)

Note regarding opening Saved quotes:

  • If you open a quote that was previously saved with both NLC and Hingham, it will now open with only Hingham.
  • If you open a quote that was previously saved with only NLC, you may add Hingham to the quote. To add Hingham to these quotes, just click “Plans:” from the left navigation in SinglePoint.

Be sure to call or email us with any questions!