It’s official: SinglePoint integrates with Thrifty Financial Services

Complete a Quote in SinglePoint and then instantly complete a Premium Finance agreement.

It’s back.  The integration bridge we had in place for many years between WinRater and Thrifty Financial Services is now in place with SinglePoint.  (It was one of those features we just didn’t have enough time to build before we switched over to SinglePoint.)

We’re excited because this is a simple feature that has big implications for independent agents.  Assuming your agency has insureds who need alternative payment options, the SinglePoint-Thrifty integration bridge will help you close more sales while saving you time and preventing errors by eliminating double entry of data in different systems.  Most importantly, it really helps your insureds.

Here’s how it works:

  • Complete an Automobile quote in SinglePoint as you normally would.
  • From the Quote Summary screen, select Thrifty Financial Services from the EXPORT list.
  • The Thrifty web processing system will instantly launch with the vehicle and driver information pre-filled on the finance contract; you can also select from options for the finance terms.
  • Note one-time setup: you need to save your Thrifty userID and password in SinglePoint Settings.

Did you know that a significant number of MA agencies use Thrifty to give some of their customers what they need – i.e., more favorable payment options than carriers can offer?  We’re talking about thousands of policies a year that are financed via Thrifty.  Carriers require a large down payment or even full payment for certain risks who have a history of payment issues, lapsed coverage, or cancellations. For these people who need auto insurance but may not have that kind of cash on hand, Thrifty is a welcome alternative.  And you, as their trusted agent who can facilitate this transaction, look better and more professional in the process. 

Agents often choose direct bill when selling a policy because it seems easier.  They think, just choose that option and it’s direct billed to the insured and it’s done.  They may also think that setting up a finance agreement is cumbersome because you have to complete an application, print or fax it to the insured, and make sure it gets back to the finance company.  But with the SinglePoint-Thrifty integration, there is no re-keying of data, the agent and insured can e-sign the agreement, and the transaction is completed with a few clicks. 

One other important note: Boston Software does not have a financial stake in whether or not you use Thrifty.  We integrated with Thrifty because it makes good business sense for MA independent agents, just as we have integrated with agency management systems, the RMV, Lexis Nexis, etc.  Our aim is to support the workflows that are necessary and optimal for your success.