Let’s Be Accurate, Smart, and Fast in 2022

It started with the matchboxes we gave out at the 2021 MAIA trade show: each matchbox was printed with an encouraging message – either Let’s Be Fast, Let’s Be Accurate, or Let’s Be Smart. The idea for the matchboxes popped into Charlie Walsh’s head when he was thinking about the things that small businesses need to do to navigate the challenges presented by the pandemic.

The campaign is intended to serve as a reminder that we are at our best when we work together and when we work with intention. This means focusing yourself and your team on a goal and pursuing that goal with plenty of support and encouragement.

This may seem obvious, yet it’s very easy for this to get lost during difficult times. It’s easy to get bogged down in the weeds and barely manage the stress and the work that is right in front of you. But there is more out there than just the daily grind, both professionally and personally. There is more business, more efficiency, and more market share to gain. Equally important, there is more personal gratification, more pride, and more fun out there. There is!

So look for these “Let’s be” themes to crop up across our communications in 2022. We hope they will provide a little nudge, a little encouragement to see a broader perspective, aim a little higher and maybe dig a little deeper when you show up to work each day. We, too, at Boston Software are using this as a motivator as we continue to enhance SinglePoint in 2022 and aim to collaborate, innovate, listen, learn, and grow.