Limited access to RMV test environment may impact WinRater/SinglePoint tech support

By Charlie Walsh on March 14th, 2018

As part of the RMV upgrade to the ATLAS system, the RMV will be suspending access to its test environment.  This impacts all carriers and vendors including Boston Software, which uses this test environment to retrieve RMV data for test purposes without disturbing the “production environment.”  (The production environment is used by agents and RMV personnel.)

This matters because Boston Software will not have access to the test or production environments and thus will not be able to retrieve RMV information.  And without access to accurate RMV data, it may be difficult for our staff to troubleshoot issues that agents report.  Usually when agents report an issue, we ask them to electronically send us the quote and we try to analyze and determine why the problem occurred.  During this process we run RMV reports and cross-check information.  However, without RMV access we will be limited or unable to determine the cause.

The Registry has informed us that access to the test environment will be restricted through the rest of the month of March beginning in a few days.

Of course we will do everything in our power to provide assistance to you and your staff during this period, but again, please be aware that we will be somewhat diminished.

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