Final postcard from WinRater: Lost in the desert

WinRater's luck runs out.

It's 102 degrees in the shade. But man, Vegas is cold.
I played craps into the wee hours last night. Lost every nickel to my name. People started calling me LoseRater. The evening ended when I spilled my "complimentary" white Russian on the craps table and some casino goons grabbed me and tossed me out on the street. I was like, dudes, haven't you ever heard of Accident Forgiveness?! I had to crash on a bench at the bus station. Had this crazy dream about bodysurfing on the Cape with Flo from Progressive. Frank Mancini was sitting in the lifeguard's chair. Weird. I woke up damp, disoriented, and smelling faintly of porta-potty. Wasn't sure where I was. Tell me, is retirement over yet? Does anybody need some old software? I may be a little long in the tooth, but I still got heart. Really, I’ll do anything. Please. Just wire me some money for the bus fare home.
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