MAPFRE homeowners rating errors are known and being resolved

On Monday, August 31, MAPFRE transitioned all MA agencies to their new Guidewire plan for quoting new HO business in Singlepoint. Agencies have reported various rating errors since its release. We have made MAPFRE aware of the below issues and they’ve reassured us that are actively working to resolve them:

Error = “Index: 0 Size:0 error”

This error is caused by adding the carrier option for “Advantage Package = Advantage Elite Extended” to the quote. This carrier option cannot be used until MAPFRE releases a fix.

Error = “Invalid Quote”

SinglePoint automatically defaults Coverage C to be 50% of Coverage A. But MAPFRE’s new rating plan calls for Coverage C to be increased to 70% of Coverage A. However, the automatic “bump” (handled by MAPFRE Guidewire plan) is currently not working, thus causing this error. For the time being, you can manually increase Coverage C on SinglePoint’s Basics tab to 70% get around the error (example below)

MAPFRE will release fixes for these issues on Wednesday September 9, 2020. We will continue to update this message as we learn more.

We apologize for the inconvenience this causes your staff!