New banner notifications in SinglePoint highlight important info

We built a cool new feature that will keep everyone informed when something critical happens related to your quoting workflow in SinglePoint.  Say, for example, the Registry of Motor Vehicles system goes down and you are no longer able to retrieve RMV data.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you were made aware of this as soon as possible … and right within SinglePoint?  Our new banner notification does just that.

In the past when we learned of a critical outage, we would create an HTML bulletin and email it to our database of users. This takes some time and obviously isn’t the most efficient way of informing people. Now, we can type the information right in SinglePoint and the banner will pop up when you log in. You’ll be made aware almost immediately.

Here’s what a sample notification will look like:


By the way, we promise to only use the banner for critical bulletins – such as Lexis Nexis or a carrier Real-Time Rating service is not available. We may use it to inform you of important changes in SinglePoint too – such as carrier rate changes that have been posted. But rest assured, we won’t use it to tell you frivolous things such as what the weather is in Needham or what we think about Donald Trump. Just vital, mission-critical information.

You can expect to see banner notifications very soon – we are testing the functionality now and should be finished up in the next few days.