New fixes and enhancements in SinglePoint

Pro-rate/short rate calculator

We’ve added a new Tools menu to the SinglePoint dashboard that allows agents to calculate pro-rate and short rate cancelations in SinglePoint. From the Tools menu, select Prorate/Short Rate, enter dates, premium, and calculate. Coming soon to this menu: VIN Lookup!

Enhanced Auto and Home quote printouts

Agents recommended that we make changes to the quote printouts … so we did.   The Quote printouts in SinglePoint now display a larger, bolder heading, creating a more legible quote.  These little refinements really make a difference. Check them out! 

Better handling of VIN ‘outliers’

SinglePoint’s VIN-to-trim matching algorithm is a huge time saver. A simple RMV lookup on a vehicle can fill in VIN, trim, mileage, and the correct symbols with ease.  

But we have heard from you about vehicles that don’t always neatly fit the mold. We have been working hard to find the best balance of form and functionality.

Our newest refinements will make the following types of vehicles significantly easier to rate:

  • All commercial vehicles that can be private passenger (Nissan NV2500, Ford Transit, etc.)
  • “Incomplete” Ford vehicles (with VINs starting with “1FD”)
  • Pre -1991 Ford F-series vehicles
  • Pre-1985 vehicles with shorter VINs
  • Brand new vehicles
  • Any vehicles omitted from ISO tables

SinglePoint will first validate that you have entered the VIN correctly. It will then automatically match it with any available trims in our system. If it is not successful, you can enter year/make/model/trim and calculate symbols by cost new.


  • Various SinglePoint and carrier rating bug fixes including the mysteriously disappearing dropdown arrow.
  • Changed the wording on Quick Links portion of dashboard from “Quote Inbox” to “Leads Inbox.”
  • For carriers providing multi-Quotes, the sort order for Premiums has been amended from highest rate to lowest rate.
  • Improved the Date Picker functionality so that the effective date now has arrows forward/back for months and years.
  • Updated validation rules for SAFETY HO6 / HO4: a message now appears when an agent selects a carrier option that does not match up with the selected Safety writing plan. (If Safety Indemnity is the chosen plan, options for Safety P&C only will not be permitted.)
  • New Forms added to list of supported forms: Policy Change Request for Auto and Evidence of Property Insurance
  • Enabled Lexis Nexis credit retrievals for two insureds during Home quoting for Andover and Norfolk & Dedham.
  • Motorcycle list: Added a new make of motorcycle to list of supported makes
  • Amended requirement for Accident/Violation descriptions for Safeco and Progressive
  • Fixed bug to allow agents using Internet Explorer to quote new Umbrella policies with limits other than $1 million
  • Added comparative premiums to printout
  • Enhancements to SinglePoint dashboard so agents can view incoming Leads
  • Enabled override of Dwelling Fire guideline restrictions where appropriate
  • Fixed bug during integration with management systems that failed to prompt agents to save a quote