New look for RMV Services

As of Thursday, Jan. 28, SinglePoint RMV Services will feature an updated look. The new user interface is cleaner and easier to follow, and allows agents to seamlessly move between the screens. Each screen includes an option to view Instructions for Completing RTA to help guide you through the process. Instructions for navigating the new screens are shown below.

1. Clicking on RMV Services on the SinglePoint dashboard will bring you to the screen below. Select your desired transaction.

2. Here is the screen you will see if you click on Register and Title a New Vehicle. Note that an information button has been added next to Plate will be Reassigned to explain the concept.

3. Enter vehicle data.

3. Enter vehicle owner data.

4. Enter purchase information. The purchase price entered will enable the RMV to calculate sales tax.

5. Enter insurance information and select CHECK RMV ELIGIBILITY to advance. If it is an endorsement to an existing insurance policy rather than a new policy, click the drop-down arrow in the field next to Date Type and select Policy Change Date.

6. RMV results will return with Get Ready eligibility. Select SUBMIT TO RMV to use Get Ready, or SKIP TO RTA. Note: Get Ready will not be an option if SKIP TO RTA is chosen on any screen.

7. If Get Ready is not chosen, select Skip to RTA and complete the RT. Be sure to e-stamp, save and print or scan and email to customer.