Our Solution

The #1 comparative rating software for independent agents

SinglePoint is a powerful online rating platform that gives independent agents the tools they need to effectively service their clients and grow their business. Shaped by the partnership we’ve had with independent agents and carriers since 1995, SinglePoint is an indispensable toolkit for today’s agency.

Online, all the time

SinglePoint is always there, no matter where you are or what time it is. Log in from any computer connected to the Internet and you’re good to go.

Real-Time Rating

Get rates straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak). SinglePoint plugs directly into dozens of carrier systems for the most accurate rates possible.

Pro tools

Quoting rates is just the beginning of a sucessful agency-client relationship. SinglePoint includes tools like forms and e-stamps to help you sell better.

Supported lines of business

Online consumer quotes

Extend your reach with SinglePoint Leads, a simple quote form you install on your website or Facebook page that allows online shoppers to generate their own quote any time of day. Most consumers begin the buying process online; SinglePoint Leads is an easy way to join the online marketplace. Learn more.