Protect and prepare: your only options for cyber security

It seems every few days in the news we hear of another major cyber attack. The attacks are getting more sophisticated and, no doubt, it’s difficult to keep up. Our advice over the years has always been to protect and prepare … and we continue to believe this is only option.


The best way to protect yourself is to educate your staff about using caution when opening attachments on emails or clicking suspicious links. Take an extra few seconds to make sure the email is from a legitimate sender. Also make sure your PCs are up-to-date on all Microsoft Updates and you are using at least Windows 7 or newer Operating System. Use a firewall and an antivirus program. Microsoft Defender and the Microsoft Firewall are both included with your PC and will help keep you safe.


Even the best defenses are breached so you should make sure you are backing up your files. Windows includes a Backup program for you to run. External backup drives are very reasonably priced—much cheaper than paying the Ransomware hackers! And of course, you can back up your WinRater quotes files, too.