Quick Defaults: The latest SinglePoint Auto enhancement

Set defaults for three different Coverage Levels for faster quoting

Our newest feature, Quick Defaults, lets you set up three different default levels for Coverage parts 1-12 instead of only one. This allows agents to quickly change all coverage limits for a vehicle(s) by selecting among the three defaults with just one click.

Typically, agents have used Coverage 1-12 Defaults to prefill SinglePoint with their most commonly sold set of limits and deductibles. If you wanted to modify a limit or limits, you had to manually change each coverage limit individually. Quick Defaults allows for (no surprise!) quick selection of other coverage limits that agents might commonly offer. For example, Default 1 could be used for the most commonly offered “Standard” coverages. (This will already be prefilled for you, assuming you had set this up in SinglePoint.) Agents might configure Default 2 for their “Basic” coverage with minimum limits and Default 3 for their “Superior” coverage with highest limits. Agents can change the name of each default to whatever they like.

Once the Quick Defaults are set up for your agency, anyone quoting in SinglePoint can simply click a button to choose between default or level 1, 2, or 3 coverage limits (or whatever you named them). SinglePoint will apply the specific limits you defaulted for Parts 1 through 12. This makes it super quick and easy to offer these different quote options to your insureds.

How to set Quick Defaults:

  • Go to SinglePoint Settings
  • Select Rating
  • Select Auto Rating Defaults
  • Select Coverage 1-12 Quick Defaults
  • Under Level 1, 2, and 3, you can enter the limits you desire for each Part
  • Select Save Changes

Once the defaults are set, users can choose whichever coverage Level they want by selecting from the Set Overall Coverage drop-down menu.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help setting up your Quick Defaults!