Updates to Registration reinstatement processing

We continue to make subtle, yet significant changes to the user interface when processing Registration reinstatements in SinglePoint.  The aim is always to keep your workflow as simple and intuitive as possible.  We just updated SinglePoint to include the following enhancements:

  • When you start a Reg reinstatement from the RTA Prefill tab, you will be prompted to consider using the immediate Reinstatement feature instead.  (There is no sense in creating an RTA if you can process the reinstatement immediately.)
  • Similarly, a button labelled Go To RTA now appears on the RMV Results dialog box for those “Not Eligible” transactions. By clicking this button, SinglePoint will link you to an RTA (with data pre-filled into fields) so you can complete it manually.
  • We added a message before you send the payment request to your customer that explains that additional issues might still need to be resolved — e.g., a renewal or cancellation with the RMV even after the reinstatement is successfully processed.
  • For better clarity for you and your customer, we added Registration Status (i.e., Active) to the results page and confirmation email.  This status will be harvested from the result of the reinstatement transaction.