Registration Reinstatements FAQs

By Boston Software on June 21st, 2020

SinglePoint can now process Registration reinstatements so that drivers can get their vehicles properly registered without physically going to an RMV branch. This is the first of several integrations with the RMV that will make SinglePoint more powerful than ever.

Frequently asked questions:

What if my customer does not have an email address?

If there is no way to send the customer a payment link, the agent will have to make the payment with their own credit card and collect payment from the customer.

Can I take my customer’s credit card information and process it for payment?

No, the owner of the card must be the one processing the payment.

What about leased vehicles?

Enter the owner information, not the leasing company info.

Will I need to keep copies for an RMV audit?

No, all transactions are stored in the cloud.

Can all plate types be processed in SinglePoint RMV Services?

All plate types can be handled for reinstatement.

Can my insured still go online to the Mass RMV website and process their renewal?

Yes, but if it requires an insurance stamp, you can do it for them in SinglePoint.

Is there a fee to use this feature?

We are not charging agents; however, a $20 processing fee will be charged to customers from SinglePoint. This fee is visible to the customer and should be considered an “electronic runner.”

What if there are two names on the registration?

Just entering one name is sufficient for processing.

How soon before back-dating policy effective date will be available?

We expect that within one or two weeks this will be ready.

Will this feature be available for Commercial registrations?

We will open up for Commercial registration processing within a few weeks.

How much time does the customer have to make the payment?

This needs to be done same day.

What if the payment is delayed?

The agent can process again as long as the eligibility shows “yes” in the RMV results.

Can the customer make the payment on their smartphone?

Yes, this feature is mobile-friendly.

Can the system use e-check information?

No, only credit card processing.

Is an RTA required?

No, this process skips all the paperwork, signatures, and wet stamps.

What happens if it is a MAIP policy, since there is no MAIP e-stamp?

We are expanding the technology to include MAIP Assigned Risk plans. This should be available in 1-2 weeks.

If something goes wrong, who do we contact?

Boston Software will handle support issues on this.