Auto Rating Basic Workflow

To begin, click the LOGIN button at the top of this page and log in to SinglePoint. If you are unsure of your password, ask your SinglePoint Account Manager to reset it or call Boston Software.
From the dashboard you can start a new auto quote or open an existing quote.
Enter the Operator’s Name, License # and DOB and select RMV Lookup.
On the RMV results page, select View to open the Driver or Vehicle Reports, then Go to Quote.
Be sure to navigate through each tab at the top of the screen to enter all necessary rating information. Any fields in red are required.
Coverages will default to those set by your agency, or you can customize them.
Open Additional Coverages to choose vehicle-level coverages such as Waiver of Deductible.
Enter Policy History and select Carrier Options as needed.
Rating occurs in the Premiums tab. Each carrier is ready to rate when there are no warnings below. Review buttons indicate missing information. Click the magnifying glass to view plan summary.
All actions buttons are found at the top of the Plan Summary. You can print, send, submit to carrier, export to your management system, get help from Boston Software, and do forms from this screen.
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