Boston Software has partnered with a number of carriers to create electronic stamps that can be applied on various Forms – including the Registry and Title Application (RTA) and 2A forms – in SinglePoint. In addition, SinglePoint allows you to create PDFs of these forms and email them to your customers.

eStamps are accepted by the RMV and can replace the traditional rubber ink stamps used in agencies.

Carriers provided Boston Software with lists of agency locations authorized to use their eStamp(s) on the SinglePoint forms. Boston Software has activated the carrier eStamp(s) in SinglePoint for these locations, enabling agents to apply the eStamp(s) at their discretion. If you believe you should have access to a particular carrier’s eStamp but don’t find it available in SinglePoint, reach out to your marketing rep and request that the carrier notify Boston Software that your agency location is authorized for their eStamp(s).

Carriers offering personal e-stamps:

ACE/Bankers Standard

AIG Property Casualty Company

Allstate Insurance Co.


Bristol West – Foremost


Commerce Insurance

Electric Insurance Co.

Embark – Permanent General of Ohio

Federated Insurance Co.

  • Federated Mutual Ins Co.
  • Federated Reserve Ins Co.
  • Federated Service Ins Co.

Green Mountain


  • Hanover Insurance Co.
  • Citizens Insurance Co. of America

Hagerty/Essentia Insurance Co.

Liberty Mutual

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.
  • Liberty Mutual General Ins. Co.
  • Liberty Mutual Personal Ins. Co.

Farmers Property and Casualty Insurance Co.

National General

  • Integon National Ins Co

NGM Insurance Co.

  • Main St America Protection Insurance Co.


  • Harleysville Worcester Insurance Co.
  • Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.
  • Nationwide Ins Co of America

Norfolk & Dedham

Plymouth Rock

Preferred Mutual



  • Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange

Quincy Mutual


  • Safeco Insurance Co. of America
  • Safeco Insurance Co. of Indiana


Travelers/The Standard Fire Ins. Co.

Vermont Mutual

Carriers offering commercial e-stamps:

Acadia Insurance

  • Acadia Insurance Co.
  • Continental Western Insurance Co.
  • Fireman’s Insurance Co. of Washington D.C.
  • Tri-State Insurance Co. of Minnesota
  • Union Insurance Co.

Arbella Insurance

  • Arbella Protection Insurance Co.
  • Arbella Indemnity Insurance Co.

Central Insurance

  • Central Mutual Insurance Co.
  • All America Insurance Co


  • The Cincinnati Insurance Co.
  • The Cincinnati Casualty Co.
  • The Cincinnati Indemnity Co.


  • Hanover Insurance Co.
  • Citizens Insurance Co. of Am.
  • Mass Bay Insurance Co.
  • Allmerica Fin Ben Insurance Co.


  • Hartford Accident & Ind Ins. Co.
  • Hartford Casualty Insurance Co.
  • Hartford Fire Insurance Co.
  • Hartford Insurance Co. of Midwest
  • Nutmeg Insurance Company
  • Sentinel Insurance Co.
  • Trumbull Insurance Co.
  • Twin City Fire Ins Co

Liberty Mutual

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.
  • Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
  • LM Insurance Corp.
  • The First Liberty Insurance Corp.
  • Liberty Insurance Corp.
  • Employers Insurance Company of Wausau
  • American Fire and Casualty Co.
  • Ohio Security Insurance Co.
  • The Ohio Casualty Insurance Co.
  • West American Insurance Co.


  • Commerce Insurance Co.
  • Citation Insurance Co.


  • Merchants Mutual
  • Merchants Preferred

NGM Insurance Co.


  • Harleysville Insurance Co.
  • Harleysville Worcester Insurance Co.
  • Harleysville Preferred Insurance Co.
  • Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance Co.
  • Nationwide Affinity Insurance Co. of America
  • Nationwide Assurance Co.
  • Nationwide General Insurance Co.
  • Nationwide Insurance Co. of America
  • Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.
  • Nationwide Property and Casualty Insurance Co.

Norfolk & Dedham

Philadelphia Insurance Co.



  • Progressive Casualty Insurance Co.
  • National Continental Insurance Co.
  • United Financial Insurance Co.

Selective Insurance

  • Selective Insurance Co. of America
  • Selective Insurance Co. South Carolina
  • Selective Insurance Co. of the Southeast


If you do not see your carrier listed above, we suggest that you call your carrier rep and have them email us at This is the procedure for carriers to enable/disable agents for e-stamp usage.

Basic e-stamp workflow

To eStamp/eSign a form, select the form you want and choose the eStamp icon at the top of the screen. Then select the desired carrier stamp and type your name into the signature field.