EVR Lite

The RMV launched a new program called EVR Lite that enables agencies to register and title vehicles electronically. As an authorized Service Provider for the EVR Lite program, Boston Software is making all EVR Lite functionality available within SinglePoint. Watch the video tutorial below to see how to process RMV transactions in SinglePoint using EVR Lite functionality.

To become an EVR Lite agent, you must complete the application process as outlined by RMV.  For more information on EVR Lite and how to apply, please contact Charlie Walsh at 


  • Transactions that can be processed in EVR Lite include:
    • New Registration and title
    • Registration transfer
    • Registration plate reassignments
    • Registration renewals
    • Registration reinstatements
    • Pre-staged Registration and Title Applications
  • Agents will be expected to process between 10-35 new Registration and/or Registration Transfer transactions per month.
  • Agents will print temporary plates and provide plastic “sleeves” to their insureds when registering a vehicle.
  • Agents will not have to maintain an inventory of metal license plates and decals.
  • Metal plates and decals will be mailed to insureds within 10 business days by the RMV Fulfillment Center.
  • All of the RMV and Department of Revenue documents can be signed electronically.
  • Boston Software will provide technical support to all agents processing EVR Lite transactions.
  • The temporary plate and Registration is valid for 20 days and available for reprint via myRMV until it expires. The temporary Registration may be extended at no fee for an additional 20 days, should the need arise.

How it works in SinglePoint

As an EVR Lite agent, you will partner with Boston Software and the RMV to process new Registrations and transfers and other transactions. Each transaction has unique requirements, but generally speaking, here is how a new vehicle Registration will be processed in SinglePoint:

  • Your insured will provide the original paperwork including title, bill of sale, and any other appropriate documents.
  • Using SinglePoint’s RMV Inquiries, you will enter the minimum information required to validate and process this transaction.
  • ATLAS will run this information through its business rules to make sure all required information has been provided and confirm the Registration can be processed electronically.
  • While collecting the RTA data in SinglePoint, you will scan and upload these documents to the RMV ATLAS system.
  • SinglePoint will send an email to your insured with detailed explanation of fees.
  • Boston Software will charge an $25-$30 Online Expedite Fee to process the transaction immediately. (This is similar to the fee insureds pay to a runner.)
  • The insured pays the fees through SinglePoint’s safe, secure credit card payment portal. (We expect to add payment via ACH in the near future.)
  • The temporary plate is made available to the agent in SinglePoint and can be printed.
  • The agent provides the temporary plate and plastic sleeve to the insured, which needs to be fixed to the vehicle.
  • The car can be driven immediately.
  • The RMV will send the metal plates and decals to the insured through mail within 3-5 business days.
  • The RMV will mail the title to the insured 4-6 weeks later.

How to become an EVR Lite agent

The RMV handles the EVR Lite application process, which requires some effort on your part, but it is very manageable. And we are here to assist you and get your questions answered.

The RMV will need you to identify ten new Registration and Title or Transfer transactions that your agency has processed for each of the prior two months. A simple spreadsheet indicating Customer Name, Address, and VIN number for the RTAs you created and sent to the RMV branch will suffice.

Once the volume is confirmed, the RMV will send you the Welcome Packet and supporting forms that need to be completed. There is a fair amount to review here. . The Welcome Packet does a nice job of outlining all the necessary requirements, including background checks, permit bond, Certificate of Good Standing, etc.

At least two members of your agency staff must attend a two-day EVR Lite training, coordinated by the RMV.

You must sign a Permit Holder Terms Agreement.

For agencies with multiple branches, can some offer traditional EVR services and others EVR Lite?


Can agents pick and choose which transactions to process thru EVR Lite?

No, all eligible transactions must be done thru the EVR system

Does the designated processor at an agency need to be a Licensed Producer?


Will the agent need to notify their E&O insurer that they are doing this work?

Yes, just as they would normally inform them of new exposures

Can agents charge a fee for this?

Yes, that capability is being built into SinglePoint

Can out-of-state registrations be handled?


Can agents process both Personal and Commercial registrations?


What are the fees?

A processing fee will be passed on to the customer of $30/transaction plus 3% of registration fees. $20 for reg renewals/reinstatements. When ACH payments are accepted, a flat $5 fee will apply.

Will agents need special equipment?

A high-quality color printer and scanner are all that is needed. No special locked, stored cabinet or designated computer are necessary. Please note: a laptop or tablet type of device cannot be used to process transactions, it must be a PC.

Should agents use a shredding service?


What will agents do with documents after processing?

They will be prompted to shred them 90 days after transaction

How will agents be trained?

The RMV will train at least two users per agency. Boston Software will train on the SinglePoint process.

Will all plate types be eligible for EVR Lite processing?

Most plate types will be eligible. We will post a list of ineligible plate types in our Resource Center as soon as we have them.