Integration Bridges

SinglePoint can be integrated with your Agency Management System so that customer and quote files can be transferred back and forth between systems.

Management systems that can integrate with SinglePoint

  • AMS for Windows – 2-Way
  • AMS for Windows Online – 2-Way
  • AMS Prime – 2-Way
  • AMS 360 – 2-Way
  • Applied – 2-Way (see special note below)
  • HawkSoft – 2-Way
  • Partner XE SIS – 2-Way
  • Special Agent – 2-Way

A special note about Applied’s TAM:

SinglePoint DOES integrate with Applied’s The Agency Manager (TAM). However, Applied must set up its own real-time bridge in order to export to SinglePoint. To ensure the export process is enabled correctly, there are two files TAM needs to point to in the SinglePoint directory: DoRate.exe and TAMAuto.exe. If you have TAM, please contact Applied at 800.999.5368 to set up the integration with SinglePoint.