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Registration Reinstatements

Boston Software and the Massachusetts RMV have partnered to build a new online service that enables independent insurance agents to reinstate passenger and commercial vehicle Registrations, eliminating the need for their customers to visit the RMV or the agency. The service integrates SinglePoint and the RMV’s ATLAS system so that agents can process the entire transaction in SinglePoint without having to create an RTA or apply an e-stamp. Watch the tutorial below to see how it works.

  • The RMV Services component is included in your SinglePoint Auto Rating Software license.
  • No new RMV paperwork is required to process Registrations in SinglePoint, provided you have completed the ATLAS Business Partner Agreement with the RMV. (If you are able to run RMV Lookups in SinglePoint now, you will be able to process Registrations.)

[VIDEO: Watch as Michele and Chandler role play an agent and an insured going through the process in this ‘live demo.’]

Registration reinstatements: basic information
Payments and fees
  • There is no cost to agents to use this feature.
  • Consumers are charged a $20 “electronic runner” fee, in addition to RMV fees.
  • Payment needs to be made the same day as the transaction. If payment is delayed, the agent can attempt to process again as long as the eligibility shows “yes” in the RMV results.
  • If a customer does not have an email address where the payment link can be sent, the agent can pay with their own credit card and collect payment from the customer. (The card must belong to the person processing the payment.)
  • The system requires a credit card for processing; e-checks are not accepted.
  • Customers can submit payment using their smartphone.
  • All transactions are stored in the cloud, so it is not necessary to keep receipts.
Process notes
  • This process eliminates the need for an RTA. It skips all the paperwork, signatures, and wet stamps.
  • All plate types can be handled for reinstatement using SinglePoint.
  • Consumers can still go to the Mass RMV website to process their reinstatement, but if it requires an insurance stamp agents can do it for them in SinglePoint.
  • Commercial registration processing is also available in SinglePoint. On the Reg Reinstatement tab, change the Owner Type to Business, enter the FID number, and proceed.
  • When there are two names on a registration, just entering one name is sufficient for processing.
  • To reinstate a registration for leased vehicles, enter the owner information, not the leasing company.
  • The policy effective date can only be 30 days prior to the date of processing.
  • Boston Software will provide technical support.