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RMV Get Ready

The RMV Get Ready service developed by Boston Software and the RMV removes many of the obstacles that can make doing business at the RMV frustrating. With the Get Ready service, review and approval of a new Registration and Title Application (RTA) occurs before the visit to the RMV. Get Ready electronically sends the RTA data from SinglePoint to the RMV, making sure your insured’s (or runner’s) visit to the RMV branch is as quick and painless as possible.

Approved RTAs will be given priority attention by the RMV – in effect, moved ahead of non pre-approved RTAs. And because the RTA data has already been electronically submitted to the ATLAS system, Get Ready expedites counter transactions: insureds need only provide the required documentation (e.g. bill of sale) and make payment.

Transactions currently supported by Get Ready are:

  • Register and Title a new vehicle
  • Transfer plate to a new vehicle
  • Apply for a Title only
  • Apply for a Registration only

Using the RMV Get Ready feature

Access the RTA outside a quote from the SinglePoint dashboard > RMV Services > RTA Prefill, or from inside a quote as you would other forms.

Complete the required fields, which will appear in red based upon the type of transaction. Detailed instructions for completing the RTA can be accessed at top of form.

Apply the carrier E-Stamp and enter Agent name. This process mirrors how you would complete an RMV1 or RMV3 Form in SinglePoint.

Click RMV Get Ready button in the top navigation bar to electronically send all the RTA data to the RMV ATLAS system.

The RMV will review the RTA to make sure it is complete. If data is missing or needs to be corrected, ATLAS will return a message to SinglePoint so it can be resolved and resubmitted to ATLAS.

Once all the information is accepted in ATLAS, the RMV will return an accepted RTA pdf that agents can open, download, print, or email.

The accepted RTA now shows a barcode in the top right corner. At the RMV branch, the barcode will be scanned; approved Get Ready RTA forms will be given priority attention.

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