RMV Get Ready

The RTA Get Ready pre-approval, developed by Boston Software and the RMV, removes many of the obstacles and frustrations that can happen when registering and titling a vehicle at the RMV branch. With the Get Ready service the RTA gets reviewed and approved before the visit to the RMV.

Agents enter the data in SinglePoint.  Get Ready electronically sends the RTA data from SinglePoint to the RMV ATLAS system.  ATLAS runs a series of reviews and checks.  If all data is accurate and complete, SinglePoint will create the RTA with a QR-code that confirms the RTA will be accepted by RMV staff.  If some data needs to be fixed or completed, SinglePoint will inform you.  All this makes sure your insured’s (or runner’s) visit to the RMV branch is as quick and painless as possible. New enhancements made in September 2022 make this process even easier and more sure-fire.   Watch the short tutorial video below to see how Get Ready pre-approval works.


  1. You can access the RTA Get Ready pre-approval feature three different ways:
    • From the SinglePoint dashboard, by clicking the New Form button
    • While in a quote by clicking the Forms tab (next to the Premiums tab).
    • While in a quote in the Plan Summary page. Rate the quote in the Premiums Tab, click View Plan Summary and select the Forms button at the top of the page.
  2. Select RTA
  3. You will be brought to the RTA wizard.  Step yourself through all five tabs. All required fields will appear in red.
  4. Select the blue Check RMV Eligibility button (bottom right on screen)
  5. RMV results will be returned. If declined, you will receive a message with the specific field(s) that need to be completed or corrected. Navigate through the 5 tabs in the RTA wizard and correct these fields. Select the blue Check RMV Eligibility button again.
  6. If/when successful, a confirmation will display. Select Download Barcoded RTA Form button. Review any RMV notes including the total amount of fees for this transaction.

  7. Click Download Barcoded RTA Form. You can print or email this form to your client.
  8. Save the RTA form as either a Personal or Commercial client.
Transactions currently supported by Get Ready:
  • Register and Title a new vehicle
  • Transfer plate to a new vehicle
  • Apply for a Title only
  • Apply for a Registration only