RTA Prefill

The RTA Prefill tool provides a shortcut to many SinglePoint capabilities. Without creating a quote, it lets you run an RMV Lookup on a vehicle/driver to retrieve data from ATLAS, pre-fill the data onto an RTA, and print and save the RTA or email it to your insured.

Using the RMV Services RTA Prefill tool is simple. Watch the one-minute video below to learn how.



  1. From the SinglePoint dashboard, click the RMV Services button.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to view the RTA transactions.
  3. Select your RTA transaction.
  4. Complete the fields to retrieve data from the RMV. Be prepared to enter VIN or plate number and ownership information in order to pull data from the RMV.
  5. Click Prefill from RMV. To manually enter data, click Skip to Form.
  6. RMV Results will appear. Click Go to RTA. If data is incorrect, click Go Back.
  7. RTA will open. Complete red/required fields, check form for accuracy, apply E-Stamp, and click Save.
  8. You will be prompted to Create Client. From the Client Type menu, choose Personal or Commercial, then click Save Client.
  9. For additional help, click on the Instructions for Completing RTA link at the top of the page to review requirements for each transaction.
  10. If this is a Get Ready-eligible transaction, click the Get Ready button.
  11. Select Print/PDF to print, download, and email the RTA.