Thrifty Financial Services

For agents who are contracted with Thrifty Financial Services, there is now an integration built to bridge quotes directly to the Thrifty site. Users will need to enter their Carrier/Third Party Credentials in SinglePoint Settings before they can use this feature:

  • On the SinglePoint dashboard, click on the dropdown arrow next to your username at the top of the screen, then select SinglePoint Settings
  • Select Carrier and Third Party Credentials
  • Scroll down to Third Party Credentials and enter information into the Thrifty Financial Services fields

Using the Thrifty Financial Services feature

  • Complete an Automobile quote in SinglePoint as you normally would.
  • From the Quote Summary screen, select Thrifty Financial Services from the EXPORT list.
  • The Thrifty Web processing system will instantly launch with the vehicle and driver information pre-filled on the finance contract; you can also select from options for the finance terms.