SinglePoint – Agency Management System: You must run updates

Does your agency integrate SinglePoint with your Agency Management System so that customer and quote files can be transferred between systems? If so, you must run a Boston Software update to keep current with existing technology.  This is required for all 3rd-party integrations, including Applied, AMS, Hawksoft, SIS, Special Agent systems. It is a relatively simple process, but it must be done.

Just follow your agency’s normal quote/integration workflow and you will be presented with a dialog box notifying you an update is available:

  • If you click “Cancel”, the updates will not install and the integration process will proceed as usual. However, you will see this dialog box until you update your system.
  • If you click “OK”, the update process will start. Typically your computer operating system will present you with a security confirmation message. Press “Yes”.
  • The update process will begin. Follow the onscreen prompts. Click the “SoftSync” button to install the updates.

** You will see artifacts from our old system: “SoftSync” and “WinRater”. Don’t worry, it is safe and you will be ok. The reason we are updating your system is to move the integration functionality off of our older utility.