SinglePoint Feedback

First of all, thank you to everyone who took the time to send us your suggestions and ideas for SinglePoint.  Some of you sent complaints about what you didn’t like in SinglePoint, which is very helpful, too.  We know how busy you are so we greatly appreciate this.

Here are the features and ideas that you requested the most:

  • Auto Save – a better way to make sure quotes, forms, and clients are saved.
  • Quote printout or presentation –  additional ways to present price and coverage options to your prospects, including HTML quote worksheet, combining Auto & HO quotes on the same printout, customizing what coverages and premiums appear on the quote, etc.
  • Various suggestions for improving how data gets entered in SinglePoint and/or optimizing the User Interface workflow – lots of little changes including
    • Faster way to enter 2nd named driver, only show a PIP deductible on the quote printout if one is selected, add e-stamps for more carriers, look up quotes for customers who have only 2 letters in their last name, etc.
    • Download quote data to Excel and/or integrate SinglePoint with more agency management systems and CRM systems
    • Quote “Share”

We are now in the process of prioritizing these enhancements and organizing our programming schedule.  Look for more details in the next Rate Right.

IMPORTANT:  As we mentioned in our January Rate Right newsletter, the one thing we heard loud and clear is that SinglePoint can be slow or even time out when trying to log in, get a rate, and/or open a quote.  We continue to work with our own team as well as our third party services to address these issues.  We released the following enhancements over the last four weeks:

  • We improved how SinglePoint manages the most-frequently-used data in order to keep server performance smooth and steady.
  • We refined the SinglePoint configuration and added additional processing power to front-end servers so SinglePoint can handle more requests.
  • We found and fixed “spinner” bugs in which the SinglePoint logo would spin and spin without sending an error.

These enhancements are significant and in fact have lead to faster and more consistent response times.   We are continuing to research specific performance/speed issues, as reported by some agents.  You can bet we will pinpoint these issues, make changes, and find resolutions to improve the overall performance in SinglePoint.