Six easy ways to rate more accurately

Just a little bit of effort can go a long way.  You know this already. I don’t have to tell you that stretching for even five minutes, taking a couple minutes to clean up your inbox, or contacting one new prospect every business day will yield significant, positive results.  The same is true with SinglePoint.  Make a few intentional efforts and you will get big results.  Trust me.

Here are some quick, easy efforts you can make right now that will result in more accurate rating.  This, in turn, will mean more mastery over your professional work tools, better experience for your customers, better coverages at the right price for your customers, more sales for you and your agency, etc.

  • Set Defaults for coverage limits, carrier options, and other features including printing and agency codes. This will save you a lot of time and keystrokes. More importantly, it will ensure more accurate quoting because you will be confident your staff includes the coverages and options your agency supports on each quote.  Click here for simple step-by-step instructions.
  • When quoting MA Auto policy, use the RMV Lookup feature. This feature alone will greatly improve your quote accuracy!  At the start of the quote, this feature retrieves approx. 100 fields of data from the RMV ATLAS system including driver, vehicle and policy history – data that you don’t have to type in yourself !! – and all of it is 100% accurate.  Why risk typing this in yourself or trying to find this information from various (unconfirmed) sources?  Check out this two-minute video that show you how it works.
  • Know your carrier quoting guidelines and how SinglePoint applies them. Each carrier has unique coverages and underwriting requirements. It’s difficult sometimes to keep all of them straight in your head, especially when things get busy in your office. SinglePoint has an organized list of guidelines for each carrier. You can access them here.
  • Carrier Notes! Little “cheat sheets” to explain what each carrier option means. SinglePoint also has little notes for each carrier coverage option that you can refer to when considering what coverages are best for the risk you are quoting.  These notes were created/written in partnership with each carrier to be sure they are extra clear.  Just click on the small orange bubble next to the carrier option/endorsement on the SinglePoint Options tab.
  • Take advantage of all trainings and information about rate changes, carrier tips and tricks, etc. The only thing that is consistent is that things are not consistent, especially when it comes to carrier rate plans.  That’s why we encourage you to stay informed and up-to-update by attending our live webinars (or watching recorded ones), reading our newsletters and bulletins, asking us questions if/when confused, and committing to learning.
  • Submit your quote directly to your Carrier Site. After you’ve finished your quote in SinglePoint, we recommend you submit or bridge it to your carrier site(s) and make sure the quote matches on their system. It is a fast, easy way to double check!