Postcard from WinRater: South of the Border

WinRater's luck runs out.

Hey it’s your pal WinRater comin' at ya from the Alamo!
Why the Alamo, you ask? Well muchachos, I have no idea. Maybe because of that Pee Wee Herman movie. Maybe because this place symbolizes the fight for independence, which is something you and I can relate to, right? Everyone around here keeps yelling, "Remember the Alamo!" I keep yelling back, "Remember the a la mode" so I don’t forget to order ice cream on top of the peach cobbler. My mind isn’t as sharp as it was when I was rating all the time. And here's another thing that ain't what it used to be: my retirement savings!! Holy crap, I'm blowing through it. I might have to kick the mini bar habit, or do more camping. Better yet – a trip to Vegas! A few lucky cards and I’ll be back on top of the world.
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