Postcard from WinRater: South of the Border

By Boston Software on October 31st, 2018

WinRater's luck runs out.

Hey it’s your pal WinRater comin' at ya from the Alamo!
Why the Alamo, you ask? Well muchachos, I have no idea. Maybe because of that Pee Wee Herman movie. Maybe because this place symbolizes the fight for independence, which is something you and I can relate to, right? Everyone around here keeps yelling, "Remember the Alamo!" I keep yelling back, "Remember the a la mode" so I don’t forget to order ice cream on top of the peach cobbler. My mind isn’t as sharp as it was when I was rating all the time. And here's another thing that ain't what it used to be: my retirement savings!! Holy crap, I'm blowing through it. I might have to kick the mini bar habit, or do more camping. Better yet – a trip to Vegas! A few lucky cards and I’ll be back on top of the world.
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