The latest on our new SinglePoint Rating Software

By Charlie Walsh on September 26th, 2017

We’re on target to deliver first version to agents in November;
WinRater and SinglePoint will both be supported during transition

Summer was a busy season for us. We continue to move all the comparative rating functionality from WinRater to SinglePoint. It’s a grind, but we are making solid progress. A number of agents have been pilot-testing SinglePoint for us and have provided excellent feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Barring a major setback, we expect to begin rolling out the first version of SinglePoint to agents in November. Our plan is to keep adding features and functionality to SinglePoint through the end of the year (and likely January) to make it as robust as WinRater, but easier to use and always available online.

We will support both WinRater and SinglePoint during this transition phase. Agents will be able to use either WinRater or SinglePoint to comparative quote Auto and Home policies. At some point in late January or February, we will retire WinRater. We will give you plenty of warning ahead of time.

In the meantime, you can see the new SinglePoint at MAIA’s Big Event Trade Show. Stop by our booth for a demo.

Screen shots for the new SinglePoint Rating software

Like WinRater, the new SinglePoint Rating will follow a simple left-to-right workflow. Step yourself through the Driver, Vehicle, Coverages and Options tabs to generate a comparative quote.

(Click on images to view at full size.)

Log in to SinglePoint from any browser

Begin Auto quote by connecting to RMV or entering data yourself

Driver screen

Options screen

You’re ready to rate!

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