These agents know their stuff

The recently concluded SinglePoint Spotlight Series included a twist on my usual webinar format (because, let’s face it, sometimes you gotta shake things up): a Jeopardy-style quiz that tested participants’ knowledge of SinglePoint – and their ability to type fast. And I’m here to tell you that some agents are lightning-quick when it comes to typing and razor-sharp when it comes to SinglePoint. Below is a list of those smarty-pants agents who type fast and who, as a result, won themselves some nifty Boston Software-branded gear. (And, not to beat a dead horse, but if you couldn’t attend the webinar series and want to see what you missed, head on over to the Recorded Webinars page.)

Aileen Marino
Amber Letendre
Andy Page
Arthur Nauman
Barbara Weston
Carol Droz
Christin Cella
Dorothy White
Elizabeth Gibson
Emilio Valasquez
Jackie Dutile
Jennifer Winch
Joanne Finck
Jocelyn Graham
John Rennie
Kathryn Case
Kathy Clark
Kayla Humes
Kevin Gullbrants
Kim Fiske
Linda Dunsmoor
Linda Gadbois
Lori Zapka
Maria Almeida
Mary Sloan
Meaghan Summerlin
Melissa Banister
Melissa Kukucka
Nagarjuna Challa
Nathan Hernandez
Nicole Shibley
Nicole Strumski
Peter Winters
Sabrina Franco
Terry Cogliano
Tracey Gundaker
Tyler Worden