Travelers latest carrier to utilize ‘multi-quote’ technology in SinglePoint

Travelers and Boston Software have partnered up to provide new “multi-quote” technology for Travelers Auto and Home rating in SinglePoint.

Beginning Jan. 23, 2020, SinglePoint will display two different quotes when you request a Real-Time Auto or Home quote for Travelers in SinglePoint. One quote is the “agent requested” quote based on the coverages and options you recommend on behalf of your prospect. The second quote is the “carrier selected” quote based on the coverages and options Travelers is recommending or offering for this prospect, including discounts for Multi-Policy, Paid in Full, EFT, Early Quote, and suggested Comprehensive/Collision deductibles.

You will notice on the SinglePoint Premium Panel that Travelers shows both quoted premiums. If you review the View Plan Summary, you can view the details for both quotes to see what coverages, options, and credits are included. When you go to submit the quote to Travelers, be sure to choose the desired quote for issuance i.e either the agent requested or the carrier recommended quotes. (This is the same technology and workflow already in place for Hanover, Progressive, and Quincy Mutual.)