Using e-stamps in SinglePoint

One of the great things about SinglePoint is that it lets you electronically stamp, sign, and send forms directly to your customers in minutes. The process is a snap:

You can access e-stamps when you open an RMV-1, RMV-3, or 2A form. A plate type must be entered on your registry form in order to enable e-stamps.

Once you have entered a plate type, click on the e-stamp link at the top of the screen.

Then, from the pop-up window, select the carrier, type your name, and apply the e-stamp. It’s that easy!

If a carrier you are writing with is not listed, please contact Boston Software so that we can confirm whether an e-stamp is available for that carrier. If there is not, we will ask you to reach out to the carrier and request that they send an email to The process for activating a commercial e-stamp is the same – i.e., call us first!