Why doesn’t SinglePoint have an auto-save feature?

Many agents have requested that we add an “auto-save” feature to SinglePoint.  It seems agents want this feature because they often get pulled away from SinglePoint to do something else and, after 15 minutes, SinglePoint times out. After logging back in to SinglePoint, agents believe they have lost all their quote data.

However, the data is not lost! There are two quick and easy ways to overcome this issue in SinglePoint.

How to restore unsaved quotes

1. Every Internet browser includes a History feature, which tracks what activities you have performed and what web pages you have visited during a browsing session.  You can restore your SinglePoint quote session by simply opening your browser history and restoring the SinglePoint page. A new tab will open with your SinglePoint quote information loaded just as you left it.  Because each browser is a little different we can’t provide step-by-step instructions, but you can Google instructions for your browser or try this link for starters:


2. SinglePoint has a “save-as” feature, which is very helpful.  When you have created a quote and gotten the estimated premiums for a particular scenario (e.g. basic coverage limits), you should save it.  But then, you can quickly create a copy of this quote and create a different scenario (e.g., higher coverage limits with certain endorsements).  To do so:

  • In the lefthand navigation under File Actions, select Create New Quote Session. This will save your original quote and create a copy.
  • You can amend the copy/newly created quote and maintain both versions in SinglePoint. This will save you from having to enter the basic rating data over again too.
  • Be sure to add a note so you can easily identify each quote version when you need to retrieve it!

But why not build an auto-save feature in SinglePoint?

An auto-save feature in SinglePoint would overwrite the previous version of a quote every time you changed the rating factors. We know agents do a lot of what-if scenarios and make lots of changes to coverages, options, endorsements, etc. Every time you did this, you would overwrite and re-save the quote.  You can imagine this would be problematic.

We have asked many agents and they have told us this would be more frustrating and confusing. Instead, they would rather enter the data, make changes if/when necessary, and then save when they are ready to save the quote.

But we also understand other agents want SinglePoint to handle saving so they don’t have to think about it or go into the browser history.  We hear you.  And we are actively working on a modified auto-save feature that satisfies both preferences.  Please stay tuned for more information in the near future.